No more manual intervention with renaming downloaded files

Not always it would be easy to download the files from cloud storage or from internet. We should adopt the naming conventions for the files that are on cloud and then rename them. Similarly for those files on internet, like the images or ringtones we would like to set for our phone, are quite difficult and tricky to manage as most of them come with a random string of alphabets and numerals thus making it tuff to identify the files immediately by looking at their names. Well, this problem does exist when you download the songs from internet.

While the habit of listening to the music and downloading the music files cannot be changed, you could at least get a relief from the hectic task of playing the songs once downloaded and then renaming them. Yes, the soundcloud to mp3 converter would do this wonder for you. So, you could be away from system and the converter would ensure that all your favourite songs are downloaded and made ready in the download folder which is where the downloaded files are usually stored. Also, there would hardly be any issues with the downloading speed and hence it just happens on fraction of minutes for huge list of songs.

Also, one should wait endlessly to find a fault with the downloaded file. Usually, due to internet issues there are chances that the files are errored out without getting downloaded when the connection to the internet is lost. While downloading the music files with this software would also circumvent such situation, you would get impressed by the way that such intermittent problems are handled by the software. So, do not be eager to judge a software just because you had some bitter experience with some other software.